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Abad says implementation of Performance-Based Bonus system to reform ‘bureaucratic culture’

The government is working towards reaching a “truly genuine meritocracy system” for government employees in order to boost moral and improve the overall delivery of goods and services to the Filipino people, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said on Monday.

In a press briefing in Malacañang, Abad said the implementation of the “ground-breaking incentive system” called the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) system will “reshape bureaucratic culture” with a “culture of excellence in the bureaucracy.”

The Performance-Based Bonus is a strictly merit-based incentive system given to deserving government employees for exemplary work in government service. Unlike other bonuses, an employee receives the Performance-Based Bonus based on how well he serves the public with the ultimate objective of delivering public goods and services among our people.

“Reshaping the bureaucratic culture through Performance-Based Bonus will be contentious at first because it is new and it has never been done before but we hope that eventually, it will ease itself into general acceptance among those in the bureaucracy,” Abad said.

“When you institute such a culture of excellence in the bureaucracy and make it a regular way of doing public service, government employees will then make a habit of turning out exemplary work day after day,” he added.

“This in turn reinforces the new culture of service in every agency, ultimately establishing a bureaucracy that is effective, efficient and decidedly service-oriented,” Abad said.

He noted that with the new incentive system, a level-playing field where employee performance will be the basis of the distribution of incentives will be implemented.

“When the government is able to provide better services and goods to all Filipinos, that means we are making the most of every peso spent by the government. At the very end, this means that none of your taxes are wasted from bureaucratic inefficiencies and performance gaps,” Abad said.

“What we also want to communicate and emphasize to all government employees is that we are finally moving towards a genuine meritocracy in government. For the first time, we are instituting an accountable way of rewarding our government workers where personal biases or elbow grease won’t buy any favors,” he said.

February 14, 2016 03:14:55